Grow Insights – Know Your Users Better and in Real Time

“I don’t care if this user is a payer! He gets the same experience as everyone!” said no one ever.A graph going up with a magnify glass on a particular point.

Getting to know your users is one of the most important aspects of app development, especially when it comes to game development. But sometimes knowing your market in general just isn’t enough. How great would it be to be able to personalize your game to fit every user’s needs?

Grow Insights – bring out the U in Users.

Every user is different and needs a different approach. This is where Grow Insights comes into play, allowing you to receive insights about the user currently playing your game – in real time.

Grow Insights currently supports PayInsights which categorizes users according to their pay-rank per genre.

So, what can I do with it?einsbot

With more features coming soon, the sky is the limit.

  • Create special discounted bundles for paying users.
  • Adapt the game difficulty for specific users.
  • Create push campaigns.
  • Show ads for non-paying users.
  • A lot more… you can create your own personalization features and even share them with others on our forum.

Cool, but how does it work?

With the increasing growth of SOOMLA, more and more game developers are choosing to use it’s framework for economy, in-app-purchase, levels and scores management.Soomla InsightsWith this information at hand, SOOMLA can then analyze it and provide meaningful insights about each user seen in other games, while keeping his/her privacy as a top priority. In order to achieve these privacy requirements, SOOMLA never exposes the actual info, but rather a category to which this user belongs. For example, if a user purchased $15.80 worth of in-app-purchases, SOOMLA will only provide his/her category, which is “$10-$50.”

I’m sold! Now what?

Grow Insights is part of Grow.

To integrate Grow Insights in your game, please follow our Integration manual for Unity3D or Cocos2d-x.


Two early birds to integrate with Grow Insights are TUNE and GameAnalytics.  Special thanks to John Gu at TUNE and Martin Treacy-Schwartz from GameAnalytics for helping with the integration.  Check out their integration links here:  204655_GameAnalytics_Logo   Tune_Logo

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Windows Phone Store is here!

The wait is finally over!  We’re excited to release the first version of SOOMLA Store for Windows Phone 8, now available on Github.  For those of you who’ve already used SOOMLA, this new plugin will be a walk in the park.  Keeping consistent with the other platforms we support, WP8 utilizes our rich economy model, event system, encrypted on-device storage, user balance management and Windows Store billing all baked in.  And for those of you who are new to SOOMLA, have a look at our Github repo’s README while we’re diligently working on WP8 documentation for our knowledge base.

SOOMLA Store WP8 provides a “Test Mode” for your IAPs. You will be able to check the purchase flow before publishing, making the tests easier and increasing the quality of your app. It also runs on the simulator (as it support x86 build), is compatible with WP8.1 and is W10 ready.

unity-wp8To cater Unity devs, we’ve also included Windows Phone 8 support in Unity.  All you need to do is select WP8 as your build target.  You can also use the simulation checkboxes during testing.

Windows Phone is emerging as an attractive platform to be in. While device distribution is still significantly lower than iPhones and Android devices, the audience of Windows Phone is a loyal one.  The Windows Phone Store hit more than 500,000 apps last year which is an impressive growth rate and actually beats the growth percentage of the App Store which was launched several years before.

We’d like to pay our respect to the guys at Shinypix studio for helping us make Windows Phone another platform supported by the SOOMLA framework.  Their dedication and work on this project is the true epitome of open source technology.

To get started, head over to the Github repo:

Check out these slides for more details:


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Announcing Android Receipt Validation

We’re happy to announce that the SOOMLA Store SDK now supports receipt validation for Android.  This latest development, which was much awaited by our developer community, is another layer in our secure in-app purchase stack which supports our commitment to prevent IAP fraud.  The validation uses our dedicated complimentary server. Don’t sweat it if you don’t know how to set up a server, we’ll pick up the tab on that one.

This latest feature has also been integrated into our Unity and Cocos2d-x plugins to ensure that developers using game engines can benefit from it as well.  In Unity, using Android receipt validation is as easy as ticking a checkbox.  You need to also configure a few things with Google and provide your OAuth credentials. This is explained in-depth in our knowledge base.

Developers using GROW analytics gain automatic access to our fraud protection analytics. Our analytics integration does not use custom based events and is able to filter out fraud to give you more accurate reporting.

View Now

Receipt validation, also known as server side verification, is a best practice for developers who are employing in-app purchases in their game and who isn’t today, riunity-android-receipt-validationght? For those of you who aren’t familiar with receipt validation, the general concept is to double check a transaction with a third party server which in turn validates it with Google Play’s servers.  The reasoning for do this is that malicious users could potentially “crack” their devices’ IAP by installing a piece of software that emulates the purchase process. These crackers usually hijack purchase requests and direct them to fraudulent servers that return a response similar to the one returned by Google Play even though the transaction is never really committed. The solution to this scenario is to validate the receipt that’s returned at the end of the purchase with a dedicated server that you trust, which will validate the receipt on your behalf with Google Play. Since it’s your dedicated server (or in this case, SOOMLA’s dedicated server) it’s much harder to crack the link between that server and Google Play. This process is very similar to receipt validation in iOS.

Check out these slides for more details:


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Supersonic and SOOMLA Join Forces

Supersonic and SOOMLA are joining forces!  We’re happy to announce our partnership with Supersonic as part of our efforts to provide our devSupersonic + Soomlaeloper community with the best monetization solutions to complement the SOOMLA framework.  Using SOOMLA Store, Profile and LevelUp will help you create your game’s economy and progression curve.  By adding Supersonic’s rewarded ads between levels and currency shortage cut-points, you can now monetize all users equally.

Supersonic is a leading mobile advertising technology platform. It offers developers the ability to monetize users by serving beautiful rewarded video ads, interstitial ads and offerwalls, all in one SDK.  Supersonic commits to generating significant eCPM and a high fill rate to maximize revenue for game developers. Supersonic is now offering SOOMLA community members a $100 bonus when you integrate their SDK.

As a technology-driven company, we are happy to partner with another tech powerhouse such as Supersonic. We’ve created several code examples for Unity, iOS & Android to help you get started seamlessly.

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Announcing SOOMLA Integrations!

SOOMLA Integrations

We’re happy to announce a new section of the SOOMLA knowledge base: integrations. In this section, we showcase how SOOMLA can be integrated with other third-party vendors – including SDKs you’re likely to already be using for advertising, analytics, attribution and game servers.


We’ve created integration samples with six SDK providers so far including GameUp, GameAnalytics, OneSignal, Supersonic, TUNE and Unity Ads. By year end, we are planning on having over 20 SDK providers contribute code samples, so developers can learn how to improve their games. One area we are specifically committed to unlocking is cross-game data. For example, developers will be able to block ads from users who paid in other games.

Integration Logos (1)

During the course of the last few months, we’ve received more and more requests from developers asking if and how the SOOMLA open source framework operates with other SDKs. The truth is that being a meta-game framework that handles all aspects of IAP, virtual economies, social and level design makes SOOMLA very practical for harmonious integration with third parties. Our simple API and event-driven architecture make it perfect for interweaving with other solutions. Some examples are:

  • Reward users with coins when they complete an offer from an offer wall.
  •  Offer users free coins in exchange for watching video ads.
  •  Reporting SOOMLA events and meta-data to analytics services
  •  Collect game progression and social engagement info to an attribution provider in order to identify which marketing channels account for your best users.
  •  Deliver push notifications to users based on their purchase history.
  •  Keep track of scores and records with a leaderboard server.

We’re inviting all SOOMLA developers to use our integration code samples and give us feedback. We’d also like to point out that the knowledge base is open source and available on Github – we encourage anyone who has integrated more third party providers to send pull requests with your code samples.

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Soomla Announces the Whales Report

The Whales Report

We’re excited to announce Soomla’s first data product, the Whales Report.  Powered by the SOOMLA GROW network, the report helps developers spot users who paid in other games (“whales”) and tells you which users are more likely to pay in your game.  With this knowledge, you can take immediate action on these players by sending them personal messages and in-game promotions for example. Also, if a whale starts to drift away, you can send them push notifications for special offers and sales to get them back in your game.

To join the GROW network developers just have to agree to share their data back with other developers in the network. If you’ve implemented any of our SDKs, then getting the Whales Report is a sinch! Just download the GROW bundle (Unity | Cocos2d-x) and you’re good to go. The more studios that join the network, the more payer data everyone gets.

Sign up today to know your whales!

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Announcement, Open Source – SDK directory for mobile game developers

gamegear-logo-bigFor the past few months, I’ve found myself looking up companies from the mobile gaming space quite frequently. We also ask each new team member to study the competitive landscape and the leading companies of the mobile gaming industry. While this is a good exercise, it can be quite difficult to keep track of all the different vendors and providers that have SDKs for mobile game developers. That’s when we realized that there’s no simple directory that lists all of these companies, and if we’re continuously learning about the market, heck, why not quickly build something and put it up for the rest of the mobile game-dev community to enjoy as well.

Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve launched the first ever mobile SDK directory for mobile game developers. And, keeping with our core values, it is a collaborative website that is hosted on Github.  This means that anyone can contribute new or updated content to the website.  We encourage you all to have a look and help us keep live and kicking.  Check out the repo and feel free to star or fork it.

We’d also appreciate your feedback on what other features you’d like to see added to Gamegear:

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MGF Asia 2015 Here We Come!

Calling all indie developers:

Let’s talk dataSoombot-Conference-MGF

SOOMLA is attending MGF Asia in Hong Kong April 8th-9th, and we’d love to meet you there. We’re here to explore the Asian market and its influences in today’s gaming industry. We’re also currently developing the most innovative community data platform, which allows day-zero prediction for new users, and we want to tell you more!

Meet us there

Meet Yaniv at MGF Asia in Hong Kong, tweet him at @soomla, or drop him an email at

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Complete Soomla Template by Spartonix

Spartonix made a complete Soomla template

The wait is finally over! We’re happy to announce that the first Complete Soomla Template is now available on the Unity Asset Store or, if you want to test it first, in the Google Play Store.  Our innovative friends at Spartonix did a great job developing this plugin that is one-of-a-kind.  It’s one of the most helpful Soomla tools out there because it is a complete project template that showcases all features in Store and Profile. The template includes:

An image from the new all-inclusive Soomla template plugin

Soomla Store:

  • Currencies (coins)
  • Single use goods
  • Single use packs
  • Lifetime goods
  • Equipable goods
  • Upgradable goods
  • Currency packs
  • Refresh inventory
  • Restore purchases

Soomla Profile (with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+):How Profile looks in the complete Soomla template.

  • Login/Logout
  • Share status/story
  • Like
  • Invite
  • Upload Image
  • Rate App
  • Get Feed
  • Get Contacts

Soomla Grow Integration:

There’s also an added bonus of integrating our new dashboard which is a data platform for community-driven analytics and benchmarks.  All you have to do is register in the dashboard, get your keys, and then you’re good to go!

The Complete Soomla Template from Spartonix.

This is a great plugin for all developers because for the low cost of $15 all Soomla features will be seamlessly integrated into your app. It’s a high quality plugin for game developers that want to quickly replicate these features in their games.

Build Commercial Unity Plugins with Soomla

Soomla is devoted to providing free and open source technology for indie developers.  All of our code is released under the Apache license, which is very permissive and liberal with respect to commercial re-distributions.  This means that developers are allowed, moreover encouraged, to make reuse of our software for their own paid Unity plugins, no questions asked. Creating Soomla-powered plugins for aspects such as virtual economies, social interaction and level design, will serve the community and the Unity Asset Store.  The more tools our community has, the larger it’ll grow to fulfill our mission of standardizing game development.  We were thrilled when Spartonix wanted to work with us and create our second plugin in the Unity Asset Store. We also have another project in the works with a Studio in the UK using LevelUp.

We’d like to give a big thanks to our friends at Spartonix and encourage all developers to download the plugin now for ease of use. Make sure to check out our forum to see what the community has to say about it!

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Simple IAP Unity Plugin for SOOMLA

Simple IAP SystemWe’re happy to announce the first Unity plugin for SOOMLA built by the gaming community – Simple IAP System for SOOMLA. Built by indie studio and Unity experts Rebound Games, this plugin enables Unity developers to rapidly build stores into their games and manage a rich variety of in-app purchase items. Simple IAP System is on the Asset Store over 1 year now, but has now been released as an exclusive solution for SOOMLA developers. This should be very appealing for our developer community – at the super-friendly price of $10, you get incredibly easy-to-use editor tools for creating your game’s storefront. Also, Rebound Games are currently offering 50% off as an introductory price.

Developers new to in-app purchase:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re probably know that IAP is becoming the de-facto standard of game monetization. Simple IAP usually costs $30 and works when combined with one of OpenIAB, Stan’s Assets, Prime 31 or Unibill which also need to be purchased separately.  While all of these in-app purchase vendors are great, using Simple IAP combined with SOOMLA gives you the most developer-friendly price:

Vendor Platforms Price Simple IAP Price Total Cost
Highly popular vendor offering virtual economy framework and in-app purchase plugin that is free and open source. support is offered by the team and the community.  Cross platform: iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows coming soon Free $10 $10
OpenIAB Android only, multiple marketplaces Free $30 $30
Stan's Assets - Android Native Plugin Separate plugins for iOS and Android  $20-$35 $30 Min. $50
IAP plugin to help you monetize your Unity game. Works for both Android and iOS and costs around $70. Separate plugins for iOS and Android  $60-$70 $30 Min. $90
Unibill offers a plugin suite for multiple platform. their fee is $175 per plugin. Cross platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon $175 $30 Min. $205

Developers already using SOOMLA:

This should be very appealing for our developer community – at the super-friendly price of $10, you get incredibly easy-to-use editor tools for creating your game’s storefront. Also, Rebound Games are currently offering 50% off as an introductory price for the next few days.  If you’re already acquainted with SOOMLA, or you’re already using one of our plugins, this makes using Simple IAP a no-brainer.

Simple IAP Features

Here are some of the goodies you get for purchasing Simple IAP:

  • Unity 4.6 uGUI integration
  • IAP Editor for creating IAPs without coding
  • Dynamic Shop Layout & Shop Templates
  • Locked IAPs based on user progress
  • Localization from the App Stores (online)
  • Localization using Smart Localization (offline)
  • Adjust IAP data without updating your app
  • iOS App Store, Google Play & Amazon support

We’d like to acknowledge Florian and the guys at Rebound Games who have done an excellent job in providing this high quality plugin.  For more information refer to:

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