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We have been working hard on some new exciting features. The demo below shows 3 of them:

Optimized Loading Time

The new stores are snapping into view as soon as your finger leaves the button. They are so quick that you will forgot they are dynamic and anything about them can be changed from our dashboard.

Direct Purchase of Virtual Goods with Dollars

We have been working on this one too. You can now use the lite stores to build more simple stores with no coin system.

Floating Stores as an Overlay

This will make the stores feel more native in your game as the user can see through the transparent overlay the last screen from the game.

Will be happy to get your feedback on any of these features

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I’m adding a 3rd chapter to the successful series of videos about optimizing mobile game revenues. In this video I’m using the SOOMLA Dashboard to fully control the store experience for all the users that have installed the game.


How to add new items to your in-game store

This time, the tip is quite simple. In the original store, I sold my in-game currency “Power” in 3 packages, but then I realized I need a bigger package. With a few clicks of a button, a new item is added to the store and the users can now get 500,000 coins for $9.99.
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This is the second part in the series of videos about optimizing mobile game revenues using the SOOMLA Dashboard. As with the other tips in this series, the power of the SOOMLA dashboard is in having full control to change things in all the devices that have your game installed.

This second tip focuses on a situation where you realized that earning the in-game currency is too easy and users can simply buy anything in the store without making cash transactions. The solution here is to add a new type of currency and add a few new items that can only be bought with that currency. This change should keep your users engaged longer and generate more revenue.
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We have decided to do a series of videos showing you how to optimize revenue from your game using the SOOMLA Dashboard. Each tip will present a specific scenario that you might identify once your game is already live and then the video will show you how to make changes in the SOOMLA dashboard and have them immediately deployed to all your users.

The first tip is about optimizing upgradable virtual goods. These are goods that have levels and one way to optimize your game is by adding levels once users have already reached the maximal level. This way you are giving the users a new goal in the game and keep them engaged longer.
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