Managing User Churn

Most developers know that creating a mobile app and publishing it in an app store is only the beginning of an exciting and sometimes difficult road to success. There are many factors to observe to make sure everything is going in the right direction and optimize if it isn’t. 

Does Your App Pass The Test? 7 Things You Can Improve On Today

Since the invention of the smartphone, apps have become irreplaceable in today’s fast-paced life, helping us stay connected to each other, organize our work, chores, calendars, hobbies, as well as providing various kinds of entertainment like music, podcasts, and videos. Thanks to such an important role in our society,...

How to Explain Monetization to a Five-Year-Old

Imagine Alexander Graham Bell waking up from the dead today and finding out that the clumsy and awkward contraption he invented in 1876 has morphed into something so complex and powerful - the smartphone.  This ‘phone’ hasn’t only become more practical and mobile, it has also become a computer,...

Don’t Buy Into These Trends About Apps

Since the dawn of the smartphone and subsequent explosion of the app market, the publishers have been racing against each other in making better, fancier, and more useful apps. This has often included a lot of hard work: learning, research, trial-and-error experiences, dealing with partners in the business, and more. 

Importance of LTV and Handy Tips for Rocking It

Lifetime value (LTV) is the total average revenue generated by a user from the day they started using the service, i.e. during a company’s entire relationship with a customer. In the mobile monetization industry, the ‘service’ is the mobile app. We’re especially interested in ad LTV, which refers to...