Why SOOMLA Why Now

I thought what would be a good first post. We started The SOOMLA Project about 3 months ago and tons of stuff have happened that I really can’t wait to tell you about but somehow starting with a post telling about a new feature, an interesting insight or some competition we are going to win (hopefully) doesn’t seem like a good first post. So… Why SOOMLA? This project came to be after talking with many Indie mobile game developers and realizing that they all share two big common pains when it comes to free 2 play games. First – none of them really enjoyed the development of the in-game store for their virtual goods and most of them would have been happy to find a solution that will save them the time. Second – the hassle they had to go through to update even a tiny change in their store seems excessive to guys who are used to the flexibility of website optimization. Somehow, it felt unfair that big mobile game development companies have the capabilities to optimize their stores while an indie developer can’t really match their resources. That is, if he acts alone. The situation turns if we are able to join forces and develop together a platform that can be shared by all indie game developers. If we are able to unite – our numbers are far greater than any big company out there. So that’s SOOMLA’s mission – uniting indie game developers to create an open source virtual economy platform for mobile free 2 play games. As for the timing question, we believe that when big industries go through major changes there are opportunities to make big impact. The gaming industry is moving gradually from offline distribution to digital distribution and from premium business model to free to play. When we started, free to play was only gaining initial momentum as the leading source of monetization in mobile games. Today, it is already so dominant that 93 of the 100 top grossing apps are using in-app purchases. Our vision is that in a few years the gaming industry will look very different and some of the company we know today as giants will not be around anymore. How the future of the gaming industry will look like – that’s up to you…

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