Top 10 Unity Monetization Plugins for Mobile Games

This post is obsolete – Read the updated “Top Unity Monetization Plugins – 2014 Update” post.

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Unity is the most popular game engine today and many mobile game developers are choosing it to develop games for iOS and Android. While Unity makes it much easier to develop great looking games it doesn’t solve one of the biggest problems in mobile games today – the monetization problem. We found 10 Unity Plugins that can help you with that and we’ve listed the Top 10 plugins here:

#1 Roar Engine

Tools for level design, virtual economy and monetization

Roar Engine is a platform that lets game developers create complex game functionality. On the monetization side, they can help you With an In-App Purchase Unity plugin as well as give you access to Reward advertising.

#2 Place Play

better monetization to mobile game developers through additional targeting options

PlacePlay is offering mobile game developers tools to increase their advertising revenue by using tools for better localization and targeting of the ads.

#3 PlayHaven

Playhaven is a complete life time value maximization platform offering multiple tools including in-game promotions of virtual goods

PlayHaven’s claim to fame is their ability to bundle, merchandise and promote virtual goods to users. Their focus is in maximizing the life time value of users for mobile game developers by giving tools to create, schedule, manage and analyze content served within the game in real-time.

#4 Inneractive

Ad mediation and optimization of supply sideInneractive’s platforms is an automated optimization solution for improving your in-game advertising revenues. The platform takes into account the user location as well as many other parameters to target the best ads to that user. The ads can come from various networks including: Admob, InMobi, Jumptap, and 90+ more.


complete virtual economy solution and In-app purchase libraryThe In-game Store-Front by SOOMLA started as an In-App Purchase Unity plugin but has evolved into a complete store solution that saves the developers the effort of implementing store functionality, virtual goods dependencies, billing interfaces and rewards. The editor allows the developer to create effective, great looking stores for any game and the exported stores support Unity 3.5 and 4.0 on both iOS and Android.

#6 InMobi

Inmobi is a free game publishing tool for premium game developersInMobi Lifetime Value Platform (LTVP) is an free tool allowing premium publishers and developers to better understand their users and apply a data driven approach to engaging with their users, helping to increase app revenues. Mobile developers can access state of the art of engagement tracking, user segmenting and targeted response campaign management from the same platform.

#7 Prime31

in app purchase plugins for android and iOSPrime 31 plugin for iOS and Android lets you monetize your app through micro transactions. It takes all the complexity out of coding in app purchasing and allows for adding a store to your game with a code that is used in hundreds of apps. The supports consumables, non-consumables, subscriptions and restoring transactions.

#8 Unibill

cross platform unified iap pluginsUnibill is a cross platform In-App Purchase Unity plugin that works across the Apple App store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. It allows for automatically tracking purchases in a local database. The plugin also offers advanced testing features in the editor.

#9 The SOOMLA Project

This is the first In-App Purchase Unity plugin that is available as an open source. Its built as a cross platform solution so the API is identical across Apple and Google. All the goods and coins balances are managed on a secure local storage.

#10 Hippo Games In-App Purchase Unity Plugin

This Plugin allows adding In-App-Purchases in your Unity powered apps. It supports restore transactions as well as server side verification for transactions. Works on Unity 3.4.

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