Announcing the SOOMLA Dashboard and Cloud Stores

These days are very exciting ones for the SOOMLA team. We are getting ready to launch our game

How the SOOMLA Dashboard and Cloud Stores work

developer dashboard and wanted to share some of the things we are excited about.


Cloud Stores

The new cloud stores allow you to remotely manage every aspect of your stores across all your install base. From now on change prices becomes as easy as editing a text field. No longer will you have to wait for app approvals. Adding new items, testing a new look for your buy button and many other actions are now becoming easy and fast with SOOMLA Cloud Stores.


Game Economy Analytics will tell you everything you want to know about how users interact with your game economy and store. Actionable insights and recommendations are planned for a later phase.

The My Games Dashboard

the soomla my games dashboardWe did a lot of thinking about what would you want to see when coming into our platform. The ‘My Games’ section will continue to be the home page but it will now have two modes. In the pre-launch mode it will serve as a way to navigate between the different games and store-fronts. Once launched, the My Games section will show the key performance indicators of each one of your games.
New Economy Model
We have added much needed functionality into the game economy model. Here are some of the highlights:
·         Dual currency – from now on, you can create more complex economies with two currencies
·         Single Use Packs – Want to sell 100 logs or 15 bullets? Just create a pack of goods
·         Virtual good upgrades – You can now add levels to virtual goods.

Store User Experience

We know that the experience of your users comes first. We invested a lot of effort into optimizing the responsiveness, animating the transitions, adding sounds, adding a loading animation. We will be rolling out these new changes through the second half of June.

Store Functionality

Our templates now support more types of virtual goods. Hand in hand with the changes in the economy model, we modified the templates to support the new virtual goods. The ‘Direct Category Linking’ is another exciting new feature allowing you to open the store in any category you like.

New Themes

new added themes in the SOOMLA dashboardWe have added 3 new themes: Leap of Fangs and Duck Race are portrait themes with big item images. Feed Goldy was completely redesigned as a flat scrollable carousel type navigation with landscape orientation.


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