Casual Connect USA – Israel Gaming Industry Shows How Much it Has Grown

Casual Connect USA - Israel Gaming Industry Shows How Much it Has Grown


CasualConnect USA is less than 3 weeks away and SOOMLA is proud to be a sponsor of the Indie Showcase. One thing that caught my attention is the strong presence of Israeli speakers in casual connect. The gaming industry have grown quite a bit in the last few years and it’s great to see that it starts to receive some global recognition.

You can see the sessions are also well diversified with representatives from the development side, publishing and tools and quite surprisingly no presence in the advertising and casino tracks that have been a strong focus of Israel based companies in the past.
If you happen to be attending, here are the details about the sessions:
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Guy Bendov, SideKick Games
Keeping Your Development Team Motivated to Run the Free-to-Play Marathon
Most experienced developers are used to a particular product cycle. First you brainstorm the concept, then you prototype and research, then you finalize your design and get down and dirty in heavy production, then you QA, finish, launch and start over with a new game. But that’s not how Free to Play works! How do you keep a dev team directed, motivated, and happy when the designs are fluid, development is iterative, improvement is incremental, and launch is just the beginning of a long, long road? Join Guy Bendov, CEO of Sidekick Games as he remembers his teams’ journey to embrace a service evolution reality and the challenges Sidekick overcame to get there.
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Yaniv Nizan, SOOMLA
The Perfect Store – Getting Users to the In-game Stores and Keeping Them There
Based on research spanning more than 50 of the top In-Game stores and interviews with leading game designers, SOOMLA has developed a system for giving users an in-game shopping experience that will keep them engaged with your game and specifically with the store component. This session will focus on practical advice and guidelines for building the perfect store.
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Eyal Rabinovich, PlayScape
Game Design Vs. Game Marketing: Battle Round (Panel)
Featured for the first time, this quick-paced format will discuss a diversity of conflicts between game design and game marketing. If you’re seeking to gain insights into practical design and marketing approaches, pique your curiosity with new ideas and to challenge yourself to look at your work in new ways – this is a must-attend session. The debated topics will include: Which Should Lead the Way – Marketing or Design, Should Game Marketers Care About Design, Does Game Marketing Corrupt Games and more. Join Eyal Rabinovich (PlayScape) and Tom Hess (ngmocoDeNA) as they passionately debate their different points of view. The session will be led by Brian Sapp from Tapjoy.
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Tzvi Kopetz, Applicasa
Production & Monetization Pain Points – How to Avoid Them?
Creating high quality games is important for every studio’s success. The process of producing the game before launch and monetizing it after launch is another key factor to consider. With today’s services, every studio can produce and monetize faster and easier. Tzvi will discuss the pain points of game developers today and how they can avoid them by using the monetization and production tools available today. He will mention which ones are most important, show which types of tools to select according to the type of game being produced, and describe how they are different from one another.
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Leonard Frankel, Plarium
Growing a Hardcore Game on Facebook
How we brought a hard-core strategy game to over 4m MAU in less than 3 months.
This will be a walk through on our game mechanics, user acquisition thoughts, platform integrations and payments.
Plarium is the 2nd largest HC games developer on Facebook with Stormfall: Age of War as one of its leading titles.
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