The SOOMLA Dashboard is Now Live

We have some exciting news to share today! A completely new version of our service is now live on

We decided to offer it as a new service rather than an upgrade to the existing one since there is really no comparison between them. We ended up re-writting the entire code base with a new SDK, new data model, flat layout for the store editor and many more new and exciting features. The most exciting one is probably the cloud stores – the ability to synchronize the store with the dashboard and control it remotely.
We copied all the user accounts to the new platform so any user account you created with the designer tool should still work. will continue to be available until August 1st so there is no rush to move to the dashboard. We really think you will like it better so be sure to check it out.
Some of the store-fronts created with the Designer were copied to the dashboard. We didn’t copy all the stores but we copied the ones that you are likely to care about. If you would like to copy a store from the designer to the dashboard – please let us know by emailing
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