3 New Features Coming to Make SOOMLA Stores Look Sharper Than Ever

We have been working hard on some new exciting features. The demo below shows 3 of them:

Optimized Loading Time

The new stores are snapping into view as soon as your finger leaves the button. They are so quick that you will forgot they are dynamic and anything about them can be changed from our dashboard.

Direct Purchase of Virtual Goods with Dollars

We have been working on this one too. You can now use the lite stores to build more simple stores with no coin system.

Floating Stores as an Overlay

This will make the stores feel more native in your game as the user can see through the transparent overlay the last screen from the game.

Will be happy to get your feedback on any of these features

[youtube youtubeurl=”vcUGVBPkfOw” ][/youtube]

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