Unite 2013 Keynote brings some really great news for Unity developers

As SOOMLA is participating in Unite 2013 and I know that many of you guys didn’t make it to Vancouver I thought I would give you a quick overview of the keynote the guys from Unity put together. Some really exciting news to share.

Unite 2013 Keynote brings some really great news for Unity developers

David led the keynote with an overview of the industry. The industry today is in this crazy state where most titles are dated after 6-24 months and there is a content hunger for fresh games. Great news for game developers and especially for small teams who still make a large part of the revenue in mobile games. The opportunity is up there for the grabs according to David.
To share the first announcement Todd Hooper was called to the stage. Unity has been working on building a cloud offering focused on User acquisition, Cross Promotion and Monetization. They are starting off with Cross Promotion and will easily allow game developers to integrate interstitial ads with a single line of code and then control them from the dashboard. This is a great way for developers to leverage the Unity community. The same mechanism will also allow game developers to monetize their games by taking interstitials campaigns from bigger games and Unity already lined up many of the key players: Supercell, Kabam, Glu and others.
The second announcement was about Union becoming Unity Games and about Unity plans for becoming a game publisher. On top of the standard package you can get from the average publisher Unity brings great relationship with the platform providers, developer friendly terms and leveraging the community to cross promote. Most importantly, Unity don’t have 1st party games which means that the playground is leveled for indie game developers.
The last announcement and maybe the most exciting for some of the developers is the new 2d engine that will be included in Unity 4.3. We are talking about a flat scene, new physics engine focused on 2d, simplified animation using sprites and many optimizations to make your 2d game run super smooth.
Really exciting news for the Unity developer community. Can’t wait to see these things role out.


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