7 Mobile Ad Providers that Offer Interstitial Ads

You might have heard about Interstitial Ads but if you haven’t these are the type of ads that take the full size of the screen and wait for the user to close them before users can continue. While all mobile ads are annoying, users usually find these type of ads less annoying compared to a persistent banner ad that is reducing the effective screen size and are often designed to look like a button and fool users into clicking on them.

a mobile game called saving yello
The revenue you can get for an interstitial mobile ad can get up to $10 eCPM which is more than 3 times compared to a banner ad. If you integrate them and show the ads in times that make sense, the negative impact on the user experience will be quite minimal.
If you want to start using them or if you already are but are looking to try alternatives, you might find this list useful. By no means is this a comprehensive list of mobile ad providers. I tried to focus on proven providers who are used by many publishers and show consistent results.


While ChartBoost are known for the option to exchange users with other games it is also one of the popular choices for interstitial ads among game developers. One of the benefits of Chartboost is that you can cut direct advertising deals through the platform with no middle man. They offer both CPI and CPC based campaigns.


Unity are known for their game engine. They just launched a cross-promotion service a week ago on the Unite 2013 conference but given their strong relationship with game developers and their history of focusing on product value I’m sure they will become a strong player in the market.


Unlike many other players in this field, Inneractive are not trying to be the company that brings you the mobile ads but rather allows you to effectively manage multiple ad providers. You can use their platform to rotate multiple providers and select if you want Inneractive to mediate or just help you manage your direct deals.


AppNext offers high eCPMs and a full service approach. They have nice traction so far and seem to be doing well. Their mobile ad formats also looks nice.


Among their diverse portfolio of monetization products, Playhaven also offers the option to add interstitial ads to your app and feature games from other vendors. They only offers CPI based payout so you get paid only if the users end up installing the promoted app.


Leadbolt have quite a few ad formats to offer. One of them is interstitial mobile ads. They only offer CPI based payouts.


This android focused ad network was span off of Papaya mobile. After eating their own dogfood they decided to offer the service to other publishers. The network also offers a mediation service. You can learn more at their website – AppFlood.
If you have other names that I missed, please feel free to share them in the comments.
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