Announcing Direct Market Purchases

Direct Market for purchasing Virtual Goods

We are really excited about this feature since many of you have been asking for it. From now on, you can price every item in the store in either virtual currency or dollars. For developers that don’t want to have 2 currencies, this gives a lot of flexibility. You can allow the user to earn their way to some virtual goods by collecting ingame coins while reserving other virtual goods for paying users.
To use this feature, just select “Market Purchase” from the drop down, as presented in the image below.
To use direct marketing purchases, just select "Market Purchase" from the drop down, as presented in this image. Game players can then buy powerups with virtual currency.
As with anything else in the SOOMLA stores, this is completely dynamic and can be changed from the dashboard at any given time. Note that if you are changing from coins to Market Purchase, this item needs to be defined in Apple/Google admin as well.


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