Apple is Considering to Feature Your Game – Now What?

Some of you pitched your game to Apple to get featured, some just got contacted by Apple out of the blue. In either case you’ve reached the same point, the beginning of a process that you know little about and seems almost random due to Apple’s habit of keeping things close to their chest.
Being featured on Apple games requires you to work within their advertising graphic parameters

Here are a few things you can expect when Apple decides to feature you:

  • You will be required to create art assets based on a template they provide.
  • They will want you to adjust your launch date
  • While being featured might spike an image of your game on the front page that’s rarely the case. The App Store features games in many different places. Some common places are:
    • New & Noteworthy
    • What’s New Category
    • Local App Stores in different countries
  • There is no guarantee that you will actually be featured. While no stats are available for this it’s closer to a 50%/50% than it is to a certainty.
  • Some publishers claim to have better relationship with Apple. No one knows if that actually helps but it certainly doesn’t guarantee a feature and it’s highly unlikely to be worth their cut.
  • Even if you don’t get featured with one launch, once you have been considered you are on the radar and might get featured in your future release.
Bottom line, if you are in this position you are in a good spot. While it’s not a good idea to build the entire future of your company on that idea it’s certainly a nice bonus. Moreover, it’s a very good signal about the chances of your game so enjoy the moment and celebrate with your team. If you are using a cross platform game engine, it will be a good idea to start exploring the feature option with the other platform providers.
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