Game Design Patterns for Mobile F2P Games – Henric Suuronen Slides

While researching another blog post, I came across this deck of slides and liked it a lot. I’m sure you will enjoy it as well.

Slide 9 gives some really good tips about what makes a good core loop.

Slides of Game Design Patterns for Mobile F2P Games
Here are some of the tips for core loop designed games:
  • Real Life simulation
  • Fun 1 time – Fun 1000 times
  • Few Steps (4-6 max)
  • Smart-Depth


What he means by Smart-Depth is that most purchased element requires the user to do something with them that is also gamified. Placing the unit, unwrapping and planning are some examples of that. Henric also explains what mistakes one should avoid when planning the core gameloop.
Another mechanic that Henric recommends implementing is the “Anytime Collection” or AC Mechanics as he calls them. You probably have seen this in successful game that by clicking on the building you collect what that building produced so far. This gives the users something to do and allows for short sessions.
There are tons of more good advice. I’ll try to get you a recorded session if I can. In the meanwhile – here are the slides.
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