Using Content Marketing to Increase Your Studio’s Authority and Win More Business

Whether you are just starting out as a small studio or already have a few games under your belt, you can increase your business by using content marketing. You will get more leads, the customers will recognize you as an authority and to price your services at higher rates or close deals with less effort.
At SOOMLA we created an active blog about free 2 play game design and monetizing mobile games. Here are some of the benefits that we had as a result:
  • I became a speaker in different industry events
  • We have about 2,000 unique visitors to our blog, growing on a monthly basis
  • Some of our best customers came through the blog
  • Blog posts by me were published by Gamasutra,, Gamesauce and 5 company blogs
  • We are able to partner with other companies more easily
  • We have great SEO
  • We have over 9K fans on facebook
It might seem a bit strange that you write conent and people just come to visit your blog but in the age of social discovery it actually works that way. You post to your blog and then tweet about it, post to your facebook wall and to different linkedin groups and your blog traffic increases. Here is a small test we did:
  • In the first half of september we didn’t post anything in our blog
  • In the second half we posted 8 posts
Here are the results. You can clearly see that content magically drives traffic.
a graph of content marketing


Here are a few basic steps for getting a successful blog going. You might also want to read about hot the guys in buffer are killing it with their blog and also take a look at the content marketing manifesto.

Step 1 – Know Your Customers

The first step is to identify who your customers are. Are they game publishers? Who are the people that work in these companies. What do they care about? Who are in their social circles? At SOOMLA we cater to developers who want to monetize their free apps so our blog is focused on topics that game developers will want to read.

Step 2 – Decide the Topic of Your Blog

The trick here is to identify a problem, a knowledge gap which you can fill up. Try to think of your blog’s goal as “I want to teach x about y”. X is your customer and Y is your topic. For us, this sentence is “I want to teach game developers about free to play game design”. Once you locked that in. You need to figure out the circles around it and expand the topic as much as you can. This image illustrates the idea perfectly:
a chart of the relevance scale, how to relate to potential relevant customers


Step 3 – Generate Ideas

Generating ideas for blog posts is another key ingredient. Sometimes, ideas just fly in naturally. Here is how I’m generating ideas when I get stuck:
  • Think about epic mistakes people do trying to do what your blog is supposed to teach them
  • Write about books or people that have changed the way I’m thinking about this field
  • Find great blog posts that I liked and add my angle on them
  • List what are the most common questions I have been asked and answer them in blog posts
  • Find an email in which I provided a profound response to someone about something that might interest others and try to turn it into a blog post
  • What’s the worst advice I heard about the topic
  • Top x lists – “The top 10 ways to do y”
That should get you started. If you need some more advice feel free to reach out at @y_nizan or by email. If you have more tips you can add them in the comments.
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