Cocos2d-X Plugin is Here

V3 – Our New Virtual Economy Model

It has been a while since we introduced our new virtual economy model known as V3. Today, we can finally say that the process is complete with the upgrade of our Cocos2d-x version of the framework.
As a company that is committed to the open source way of game development we view the cooperation with Cocos2d-x as more than just a partnership but as a joint mission. We are proud to offer this upgrade today and give developers a way to be open source based all the way through from the game engine to the virtual economy framework.
The new version is introducing a major redesign of the economy model including needed support for upgradable and equippable virtual goods. This is what we call V3 and was already rolled out to the Unity version of the framework.
With this upgrade, the iOS version of the framework now supports the Server Side Verification feature that allows you to prevent hacking.

The Cocos2d-x V2.x. Offers More Compatibility

Another major improvement is that the new version now leverages the Cocos2d-x V2.x. so it’s more compatible with the rest of the Cocos2d-x eco system.
There are two ways you can work with SOOMLA:

Framework Only

You can download the code, extend it, change it and even contribute back. Here you get to enjoy the ultimate flexibility but you have to work a bit harder to configure.

In-App Purchase Store Product

If you are looking for more of a turnkey solution you can use our store dashboard to easily create a store and export it for Cocos2d-x. You will build a store-front UI from templates and can easily manage it through an online interface once the game goes live.
Soomla's in app purchase module, view of the export sdk code control panel dashboard.


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