Playoffs are Here – Guess why Soombot is so Happy?

Soombot is playing a game of football, soomla is an open source platform for devs to monitze their mobile game appsI guess you didn’t know this about our Soombot, he is a die hard Eagles fan. He has been tailgating outside Lincoln Field for years and seeing his team barely making it through the last decade. He even tried out for the team at the open tryouts only to realize his short legs don’t run very fast. Quarterbacks came and left but our Soombot never lost hope. This year his beloved team made it to the playoffs and we are sharing the moment with him.
To those of you who are not following the NFL closely, the playoffs are starting this week and in about 5 weeks and 11 games we will have a champion. The odds are against the Eagles and Vegas only gives them a 1 in 20 chance to be the champions but one of the great things about the national football league is that it’s extremely well balanced so any team has a real chance of winning.
Regardless of what team wins, there is a lot to be learned from the NFL. The integration of advertising the optimization for the TV medium and the perfect balancing that allows every team to win.
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