Flappy Bird Going Down?

In a weird turn of events the mystery around Flappy Bird continues. The game that recently rocketed out of nowhere to the Is the mobile game Flappy Bird No More?top of the charts will go down in 22 hours according to it’s creator Dong Nguyen. While its gameplay received a lot of criticism about it’s basic graphics, unbalanced game play and lack of uniqueness, many people have grown to like the game and the challenge in it. It received over 500,000 reviews in the App Store and didn’t show any sign of weakness.


The game dev announces that he has enough with building the most popular mobile game of the year.

Many of Dong’s followers were struggling to understand the reasoning behind the move. The only explanation provided was that he can’t take it anymore. Dong further explained that this is not the result of legal problems but simply because he “cannot take this” without explaining what ‘this’ is.

One possible explanation is that the creator of the popular game was criticized by many leaders of the gaming industry who had trouble understanding his success. The accusations included scamming and tricking the App Store algorithms by creating fake reviews and downloads. Another claim against it was the that graphics looked like they were ripped off Super Mario Bros. None of these theories were confirmed as no one knows for sure what led Dong to his decision.

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