How to Make Addictive Mobile Games

I recently gave a session at Casual Connect about how to make mobile games more addictive. Obviously, games are not really addictive but they can be so engaging and fun that users can’t stop playing them. That’s what we want for our games. So let’s see the best ways to do it.

[youtube youtubeurl=”SqPCfrtYWag” ][/youtube]

One factor that explains user engagement

In the first part of the session I’m talking about how I came to the discovery about what makes some games addictive while others are not. Can we find a single factor that explains it all?

What successful games do to increase engagement

In the second part I’m showing a few examples of successful games and how they managed to engage their audience and captivate the user attention in the short term and long term. What is the one thing that is common to all these examples?

How can you make your game addictive

The third and last session focuses on practical advice that every mobile game developer can use to make his or her game addictive and successfully turn short term wins to long term user loyalty.
Sharing this research with the audience was very rewarding for me. I hope that more of you will enjoy it through this video recorded session.
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