Best Games: Indie Prize Winners at Casual Connect

If you are not familiar with the Indie Prize, it’s an award ceremony specifically for indie gaming developers. It takes place at every Casual Connect event and it is one of the most exciting parts of the show in my opinion. The way it works is that Indie games are being hand picked by the Casual Connect team and specifically by Yulia Vakhrusheva, the Indie Prize Director. Those selected, are participating in the Indie Showcase, which includes over 100 games and from that point, the panel of judges decides the winners in different categories.

SOOMLA is a big supporter of all things indie and this year we were very excited to help out with the event both as mentors and volunteers. We have seen a lot of really good games in the showcase so the judges’ work was not easy – you can be sure.

And now, to the most exciting part. The winners for their category of mobile games.

Best Art

Icycle: On Thin Ice by Damp Gnat, UK
best game art winner, icycle on thin ice graphic design

Best Audio

Remembering by Monobanda & SonicPicnic, Netherlands
best game audio winner prize for best sound effects in a mobile game

Best Story

Detective Grinmoire by SFB Games, UK
best game story winner, Grinmoire is a game with a great plotline

Most Innovative

See You On The Other Side by Tunnel Vision Productions, Denmark
Most innovative game winner is See You on the Other Site, best original mobile game development

Most Promising

Spoiler Alert by Megafuzz, Denmark
Most promising game, winner of the mobile game app that shows the most promise to be popular

Best Console

Carps & Dragons by Abylight, Spain
Best console game winner is Carps and Dragons, for best design console and control in a mobile game app.

Best Desktop Game

Reus by Abbey Games, Netherlands
best desktop game play winner is Reus, for browser based games on desktop and laptop computers

Best Browser Game

How Smart Are You? By Entertainment Forge, Philippines/Serbia
best browser game winner is called "How smart are You?" compatible with browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome

Best Mobile Game

Blek by Kunabi Brother, Austria
Best Mobile Game winner comes from Germany and is called Blek, the voted most favorite game by players.

Best Free-To-Play Game

Colorpickle by Allon Games, Netherlands
best free 2 play game winner, critics choice award for best overall game goes to Colorpickle.

Best Game: Audience Choice

The Last Tinker: City of Colors by Mimimi Productions, Germany
audience choice winner is Last Tinker, for best game by audiences.

Best Game: Critics’ Choice

Dandelions by POLM Studio, France
Best game winner overall is Dandelions, a great mobile game.

Apart from that, a special award was given to the Most Prominent Female Indie developer Arpita Kapoor, Moch Mocha, India.


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