What I Learned from Iris Shoor of Takipi

I would like to tell you about a person that influenced me and SOOMLA quite a bit. I’m talking about Iris Shoor. Iris is a co-founder of Takipi and before that started a company called Visual Tao and sold it to Autodesk. Iris’s approach to marketing is refreshing and inspiring but more importantly – it’s highly relevant to game studios.


How To Get More Users With Content Marketing

If you have been following this blog you already know that we strongly believe in content marketing and have seen some data as to why. The concept is simple – You write interesting stuff and in return you build readership and authority which translates to product exposure. You can think about it this way – “Why worry about a newspaper writing about you when you can become the newspaper”.


Redefining Content Marketing – Using Images to Promote your Brand

So Iris is also a strong believer in content marketing but her interpretation of content is graphics instead of words. I’m not talking about sticking a stock image in your post. The right way to do it is:

  • Take all the things you wanted to say and figure out a single powerful message
  • Think what emotion goes well with that message
  • Create an image that conveys the emotion and the message

An Example of Visual Content Marketing

Let’s look at this story for example: “Takipi picks up $4.5M in funding”. This is a very typical story that Tech-crunch would  publish. The value of that piece of news as a stand alone for the company is almost zero so most companies provide a paragraph about their product in order to get some exposure for it. The problem is that these types of stories get quickly buried in the TC endless stream of news so the value you get out of it is minimal. Now, let’s see what Iris did with this story:

  • What is the message we want: “Our product is so cool that we got funded”
  • What is the emotion: cool and fun
  • Here is the image that Takipi created: Investor Avery More shakes hands with one of the Takipi monsters.
investor Avery More shakes hands with takipi monster. A demonstration of the power of visual content marketing as a tool to engage users

This image had the following benefits:

  • In publications like TC – created a much more memorable story
  • Was copied off publications into many more blogs
  • Was quite viral in social media

How Can a Design Studio Leverage their Artwork?

Going back to the topic of mobile design studios. One of the things a studio has and is not that common in other companies is a dedicated artist on staff. I really hope this will inspire more use of graphical elements as a content marketing tool. If you do end up creating cool pictures or graphics as a result of this post please send them over and I promise to post them in a follow up blog post.

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