Apple Adds Warning and Changes Rules for In-App Purchase

Apple’s battle to make the In-App Purchase policy work for both parents and game developer continues. In a recent change that Apple added to iOS 7.1 Apple adds a warning message to both iPhone and iPad.

New warning message for IAP in iOS 7.1Apple introduced new restrictions and warning in iOS 7.1 regarding In-App Purchase in iPhone and iPad. Message notifies users about 15 minute rules.

The new morning message pops up immediately after users make a purchase, notifies them about Apple’s 15 minutes policy where users aren’t required to enter a password for additional purchases in the 15 minutes following an In-App Purchase.

More restrictions for In-App Purchases

The new message also links to the ‘Settings’ screen where users can get more control over the IAP experience. The new version allows users to disable the 15 minute rule and require a password for every purchase made. This newly added option is located in the restrictions screen that is password protected.

How to change IAP restrictions settings

In the short guide below you can find all the information about the new options and a step by step walkthrough for changing the In-App Purchase configuration on your device.

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