Best Indie Game Dev Tweets of the Week #2

Following the success of last week’s best tweets list we are continuing this habit of summarizing the indie game development news of the week. Will try to do this every Sunday so stay tuned.

Do you like game jams?

@McFunkypants: Cool new game jam coming in May: PUBLIC DOMAIN JAM hosted by @gritfish:  #LD48 #1GAM #gamedev

How top 50 games generate engagement  Many indie games generate short term engagement but fail with long term engagement. #gamedesi

Great way to save on draw calls for Unity developers

@smgstudio: Unity Devs: This is how we’ve been packing so much into #OTTTD  #gamedev #madewithunity
by combining textures you can save many draw calls. Tips for effective mobile game development with unity / unity3d

Developers react to the Oculus acquisition (link to Gamasutra)

@DeepSpaceExile#gamedev Developers react: Facebook buys Oculus VR – Here’s what developers were saying after news broke that Fac… 

How to animate the hero of your game (video tutorial)

@Digital_Tutors: Read a new post on a behind-the-scenes look at the rigging and animation for the Indie #Gamedev series: …

Differentiating good investors from bad ones

@Soomla  Things that good investors won’t do – here is a list of patterns. #startups #investors #seed

differentiating good investors from bad ones - here is a list of patterns that will help you tell them apart

Retail scams reaps profit off charity on humble bundle resells

‏@dphrygian: If you’re a savvy gamer and not just a savy one, this is important to be aware of: …

Minecraft pulling off their support for Oculus after the FB acquisition

@garrynewmanOh internet. If someone offers you $2bn, you take it. Even if that means running the risk that notch will forbid a minecraft version.

Youtube is great for getting organic game downloads

‏@dparente: Tips on getting your indiegame covered by youtubers #indiedev #gamedev 

Are pay walls really neccessary?

@gamasutra: Can free-to-play have pay-to-progress without paywalls? 
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