Best Indie Game Dev Tweets of The Week

We all want to stay up to date with what’s going on in the industry but following everything that’s happening on Twitter is not easy. We aggregated for you the best stuff so you won’t miss a thing.

Innovation doesn’t need compelling visuals – check this out for inspiration

@gameralphabeta: Text Based Multiplayer Shooter
Ridiculous idea that works really well by #gamedev @EigenLenk

text based multi player shooter game

With Unity5 moving into big guys’ territory CryENGINE opens up for indies

@IndieDB: CryENGINE going subscription based!

Its royalty free indies!

@cryengine #indiedev #gamedev

cry engine going subscription based and free for indies

Anyone in for some free Marmalade?

@marmaladeapps: And finally…For a limited time only our Community license is completely free Promo code: GDCFREE #gamedev

What can be learned from a Kickstarter failure

@gdevnet: Lessons learned from Algo-Bot’s Kickstarter failure — great tips for your own crowd-funding campaign!

Finally someone called it – most games are re-skinned

@pabloruiz55: I refuse to believe that the only way to be a successful indie game developer is to do re-skinned “games” #gamedev #indie

Anyone looking for more exposure for their game?

Want to get exposure for your game? Here is how to get it featured on SOOMLA blog #mobilegames

Getting your game reviewed on the SOOMLA Blog can help you get more exposure.

Why I’m moving indie?

@msdev: Triple A or #IndieDev? One dev shares his story: #gamedev
I started my move to indie games after a realization of the 'meaningless million'

Setting up in-app purchases for the first time? This is a must read

@Soomla: 5 Mistakes to avoid with your in-game economy design. #Gamedev #Mobilegames

Game engine battle heating up

@MatousJezek: #Unreal and #Cryengine to battle with #Unity3d on field of #indiedev : //


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