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I recently learned about Joel Gascoigne’s office hours for helping startups and became jealous 🙂 I love helping other startups and I feel that after all the help I received along the way, it’s my obligation to help others – Joel’s system seems ideal. Fortunately for me, Joel is not as scalable as his startup – Buffer. His office hours quickly became overbooked and unless you want advice for your next startups you are stuck with your 2nd best option. Maybe it’s me :-).

What topics I can help you with?Book a free session with CEO Yaniv Nizan to get help with your game's design or your startup.

So, I’m going to setup the same system. I would love to help mainly gaming startups on the topics of:

  • Starting up – Validating ideas, lean startup and fundraising
  • Online Marketing – getting users, SEO, social media and conferences
  • Game Design – Virtual economies, engagement, retention and Monetization

How to get help – simply pick a time

If you would like me to review your game and give you some tips, help you with your business plan or help you out in any other way, I’ll be happy to do so. The easiest way to do it is to click this link and select an available time. This will automatically place an appointment on both our calenders and will send you my skype details. click here to book a skype call with our ceo and get tips and advice about startup funding, game design or monetization If you happen to be in Tel-Aviv, you can change the meeting place and come to our offices for coffee. We are at Yosef Karo 15, 1st Floor in Tel Aviv.

Emailing and tweeting – less effective

You can also feel free to email me to yaniv [at] soom [dot] la. I get a lot of emails so if I fail to respond after 48 hours, feel free to tweet to @y_nizan and I’ll dig your email from the inbox.
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