Google Play will not be the only option for long

As part of our constant efforts to improve SOOMLA’s plugins we are making our official Android plugin more extensible to different billing providers (or stores). Until now, Google Play was the only option we gave you but now it’s going to change.

Opening Android Store for extensions

Amazon, Samsung and Yandex getting closer for SOOMLA developers. We just opened up android-store for extensions.

SOOMLA announces an important change to android-store. We’ve decoupled Google Play and added a special interface so anyone can write their own plugin to their desired billing service. Eventually, we want ALL Android stores to be available including: Amazon, Yandex and Samsung. If you want to contribute your plugin you can take the implementation of android-store-google-play as a reference and make your own implementation of our new IIabService.


android-store stays (mostly) the same

The default billing service is still Google Play. When you recursively clone android-store you’ll get it as a submodule so you’ll have to add the submodule’s source when you integrate with SOOMLA. There are no special changes to android-store’s APIs. The only thing you’ll see is how we define the current billing service in StoreConfig:

* Select your in-app billing service.
* The default is Google Play using
public static final IIabService InAppBillingService = new GooglePlayIabService();

This feature was requested from the community for some time now so we are very excited about it. We would love to hear what you think about it and (as always) would love to see you contribute your plugin to your favorite billing service.

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