SOOMLA is coming to GDC and Game Connection

No meeting is like a personal meeting.

Meet us to see the impact of our open source framework

Soombot wants to meet game developers at game connection and game development conference. We need your help to improve the open source framework.
Indie game developers of the world: We want to meet you in person, look into your eyes and show you how much we mean it when we say that an open source framework is exactly what indie developers need in order to succeed. We want to learn more about your studios and tell you about our future plans. Your feedback is crucial to the success of yourself and other using the SOOMLA open source framework.

Connect with us and tell us about your games

We’re going to be at Game Connection and GDC 2014 in San Francisco. If you want to meet us you’re more than welcome to email us at:

We’ll be more than happy to see you there 🙂

Feel free to share:


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