Stinky Bird Game Review – Store and Monetization analysis

Stinky Bird is part of the Flappy mania and is leveraging the same type of game play. It’s an android only game made with Unity game engine by a studio called OMG Ware.

Game play description – variation on a theme

Stinky is a variation on Flappy Bird. It leverages the same addictive play style where you have to constantly tap to keep the bird in the air and pass it through Obstacles that are extremely hard to get by. In contrast from the origin, Stinky has more than one type of obstacle and in addition to the passing the bird through a hole in the wall, you will also have to dodge evil birds that are trying to kill you.

A variation on flappy bird where the game play includes more obstacles that users have to dodge.

Economy and store setup – single currency and single category

The economy includes a single currency – diamonds. The store is easily accessible through the lobby screen that shows up automatically at the end of each session. There is one category of goods sold in the store – alternative birds you can choose as your avatar. The game also features a ‘Save Me’ button every time the session ends – the price of saving the bird varied from 1 diamond to 4 diamonds in the sessions I played.
The store is accessible from the main screen. The diversity of virtual goods offered is to limited.

Coin loop analysis – are there enough diamond pools?

Stinky’s economic world is quite challenging. Diamonds are a very rare commodity in the game play. After a few sessions of playing users can find themselves with a single diamond. At the same time, the least expensive item in the store costs 20 diamonds. This means that the buying experience is not an integral part of the game and can’t help with engagement and retention.
One way to fix this is to build a basic coin loop. The first step would be to add another currency into the game – gold coins. These will be easier to collect and will give the user a reason to explore the store. At the same time, the store can sell a temporary shield item that will behave as a single use. The shields can be purchased for gold coins and accumulated. While in gameplay, the user can activate the shield in gameplay and it will last 10 seconds or until an obstacle is hit. This way users constantly need to collect more coins and buy more shields and so they become much more engaged with the shopping experience.

High yield monetization method

Stinky has a good monetization potential as it includes two high yielding elements:
  • ‘Save Me’ button
  • Characters
At the same time, there is lot of fine tuning required here. First off, when users looks at the different bird types available in the store it doesn’t look like the bird is an upgrade of the existing one and in fact the only difference is visual. This is a missed opportunity as it’s not very hard to assign to each bird different attributes and make the shopping experience a bit more interesting.
The save me button is a good start but I would recommend giving the users some diamonds to work with especially if they show up regularly in the first 5 days
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