The whales report and what it means for your game

About a week ago, Swrve published an infographic with some very interesting data that I would like to share with you. You can dig through the information below.

Some of the interesting pieces of data about paying users

  • Only 1.5% of the mobile players pay in games
  • From the payers, 10% account for 50% of the revenue
  • Over 50% of the payers, pay in the first day of playing

What this means for your title

Let’s say that you have 600,000 users and you want to reach a LTV of $0.5 per user. What these numbers mean is that your average paying user needs to be paying $33. Even more interesting is that second piece of data, 10% of paying users generate 50% of the revenue. If you have 600,000 users and LTV of $0.5, you will make $300,000, half of which will come from only 1,000 users. These users will pay on average $150.

Designing an economy that can generate $150 per user

Can your users even pay $150 in your game? I bet they can’t even if they really wanted to. If you are selling remove ads for $1, that’s not going to cut it. You need an economy that is based on consumable virtual goods. That’s the only way to reach these numbers.
I’m attaching the infographic below
1.5% of users pay in-app purchases. From them 10% account for 50% of the revenue.
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