Unity Acquires Applifier – What it Means for You?

It’s GDC next week and everyone likes to break news just a few seconds before so they can be the talk of the show. Looks like David Helgason and Jussi Laakkonen cooked the best dish for us so far. Unity continues move to cloud with video ad provider acquisition.

Unity recently announced that it will acquire Applifier who are mostly known for their Everyplay service. This service, is added by the game developer in the form of an SDK and allows the user to record and share video sessions of his or her gameplay. Quite neat right? Seems like Unity thought the same way.

But wait, isn’t Unity about game development? What does that have to do with recording gameplay videos? Well, Unity announced in last Unite Conference that took place in November 2013 that they are starting to provide various cloud services. They started with interstitials for ads and cross promotion and so video ads is a natural step for them.

“Unity was founded to democratize game development, and we are incessantly searching for tools that can make our community more successful,” said David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies. “By welcoming Everyplay to the Unity platform, we’re arming our developers with an incredibly powerful and authentic way to connect with a rapidly growing community of passionate gamers.”

“The challenge for today’s developers doesn’t end with releasing awesome games – they also need to attract and retain legions of true fans,” said Jussi Laakkonen, CEO, Applifier. “We are thrilled to join forces with Unity and, with the help of the incredible Unity community, overcome these important challenges together.”

In addition to Everyplay, Applifier also owns a video ad network by the name of GameAds. This service will also be coming into Unity as part of the deal.

It’s likely that we will see a tighter integration between the two platforms in the near future and Unity developers will be able to add video recordings and video ads in their game more easily.


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