What I learned from Simon Sinek’s TED Talk

Not too long ago I came across Simon Sinek’s talk at TED. Simon has some really interesting points about effective communication and he delivers it in a very effective way.

How to communicate more effectively

Knowing the Answer Your Own “Why”

That inspired me quite a bit to figure out the WHY question for SOOMLA. This is a great exercise for any entrepreneur and I highly recommend it. Once you have a crisp reason for your existence and a strong sense for what your company is about you have the basis of your company communication. Your messages about how your company does things and what your company does will flow much more naturally.

How to capture an audience’s attention

The other thing that I noticed is that Simon is doing a great job at capturing the attention of the audience. He is first selling the problem and emphasizing why his discovery is so important. He repeats the same message a few times in various ways and assures the audience that his discovery also changed the way he is behaving and communicating. In my recent speech at Casual Connect I tried to do the same thing but I have a feeling I wasn’t that effective with it.

Simple concepts are powerful

There is one more thing about this talk. It is well crafted in the sense that everything comes back to this single concept Simon started with. The concept is first built up, then presented, then demonstrated through a few examples and then repeated again. It allows the user to effectively store the presentation in his mind and creates a much more memorable result. I tried to use the same method in my talks and discovered it is also much easier to deliver.


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