Your Tweet Went Viral – Now What?

I’m considering myself a Twitter savvy person. Some people place a lot of value on the fact that you have a lot of followers so I often get questions like how did you get so many of them.

How I got more Twitter followersA tweet that got viral can help you generate more followers if you follow a few simple steps.

Well, the one method that got me the most followers in the least amount of time was to leverage a popular tweet. In a nut shell, if you follow people who were exposed to a good tweet of yours – they are very likely to follow you back. Later on, you can unfollow them if they are not sharing interesting tweets but they will probably continue to follow you.

You can easily try that the next time one of your tweets gets some retweet and favorite love.

How to write successful tweets

If your tweets aren’t getting a lot of attention, there are two ways to easily get some:
  • Mentioning someone else in favorable manner: congratulating someone, thanking them, telling them that you love their product/game/service, etc. These are very likely to produce some retweets not just from the person you mentioned but also from other people who like him or her.
  • “Please RT” is another great way to generate some retweets if you are shameless enough. You need to have some mission if you are going to do that. Something like – “Can’t wait for Pearl Jam to come to Tel Aviv. Please RT” is likely to work.
I’m sure there are also tons of other ways to get followers and if anyone who invests enough time in it can use them. This one was the least time consuming for me. If you read this and want to tweet to @y_nizan or @soomla we will be happy to follow back ;-).
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