Zombies Don’t Touch Me Game Review

Game difficulty is too low as the zombies are too static and predictable. The user gets board due to lack of challenge.Zombies don’t touch me is a cool running game. One thing I really like about this game is the music. It has a nice rhythm with drum and distorted electric guitar sounds to as the base music and the coin collection sound effects are complementing it quite nicely.

Gameplay Analysis

Experience and difficulty

The gameplay is very similar to Subway surfers. There are 3 lanes and trouble comes towards you as you run. In this game the danger is coming mainly from zombies but swiping right and left will allow you to escape the undead creatures. The overall feeling is that the challenge is too easy and not diversified enough. Instead of running on the edge of the cliff and avoiding a fast train, it feels that you are simply jogging alongside the zombies at times and the main challenge becomes staying alert. I can imagine this game being a lot harder if the creatures would be coming towards you or doing anything surprising. Users would feel more satisfied overcoming the challenges and will better engage with the game.

Types of virtual goods and price review

The game offers a variety of In-App Purchases:

  • Double Coins – sold directly for $4.99
  • Big Red Bike – this is a single use item that protects you against one attack you failed to dodge
  • Upgrades – Big Red Bike, Coin Magnet and Double Score, all three are coming in 5 levels represented through a progress bar
  • Blood Packs – these will save you if you fail to escape the zombies
  • Coin Packs – these can be used to buy the Big Red Bike and the upgrades
The price of the single use item is a bit too high compared to the ability to collect coins. More importantly, instead of complementing the game play the single use item actually makes it even easier. Either increase the difficulty and keep the shielding function as your single use item or keep the difficulty as is but sell a speed boost that makes the game more challenging.

High revenue opportunitiesSave me button is an effective revenue source. There is opportunity for improvement on the technical side and by giving the user a way to try it.

The game already implements “save me” functionality as a monetization hooks. This has become a standard in runner games and is pretty effective. The experience however, is not good enough for this type of spontaneous purchase. There is room for improvement there.
Another opportunity to generate revenue with this type of games is to implement a world of character upgrades. Start off with 5-10 character options and offer each one of them multiple ways to upgrade them. You want to allow your users emotionally collect with their avatar so the retention level increases as they become more invested in the strategic decisions of upgrading their character.

Coin loop inspection

The amount of coins collected per session is too low compared to the price of the lowest item in the store. There is also no way to collect blood packs so the user has no way to experiment with the “save me” functionality prior to a cash purchase. I would recommend putting emphasis on fixing both.

Store accessibility analysis

While the store button is easy to spot from the home screen and the game returns to the home screen after every session there are a few things to improve here:
  • Adding a store button to the pause screen
  • The home screen loads slowly and adding a session end screen with “run again” and “shop” can help
  • Adding a featured product widget could be a good way to improve store engagement
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