3 Reasons to Add a Luck Element in Your Games

Luck has plays a critical role in games but yet many game developers fail to incorporate random factors when designing their titles. Here are 3 reasons for adding luck in games.Adding luck in your game can help create more challenge, provide better balancing and more tweaking options.

Luck creates drama and uncertainty

Let’s imagine a world where games had no luck component. A basketball match would be decided purely based on the quality of the players in both teams. Can you imagine anyone showing up to watch a game like that? Probably not. It’s just not interesting. There is a reason poker is more exciting than chess for most people. Luck creates drama and makes every session or match a unique one.

Random factors are easy to manipulate

Every savvy game designer knows that getting a game balanced requires a fair bit of trial and error. Trying one thing with players and then another and seeing what gets them more engaged. The problem is that changing obvious parameters in game play can lead to user frustration. If the evil monster took 2 hits to kill and now it takes 3 hits, it’s a pretty obvious change and players don’t like to feel manipulated. Random elements can be tweaked without users detecting it. Let’s say that any shot has a chance to cause a critical hit. Improving the odds from 1% to 1.5% is impossible to detect for human beings but can make a big difference in game play.

Game balancing and preventing pay to win

Advantage giving items propel much of mobile game revenues these days. Users want to get value when they buy an in-app purchase. At the same time, items that are too powerful introduce a risk that a paying user will find the game not challenging enough and that his or her opponents will find the game impossible. Instead of selling a longer lasting nitrous, introduce a nitrous that has lower chances of wheel-spin. Doing so, will change the impact from an absolute win to a probable win.


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