5 Must Watch Lecture Videos from Casual Connect Europe

Casual Connect is one of my favorite conferences in the gaming industry. It’s casual and fun but still provides great opportunities for connecting with new people and moving your business forward. If you are like me, your focus during the conference is on meeting new people and you end up missing most of the sessions. The good news is that the guys at CGA uploaded the lectures to youtube for us and the even better news is that I handpicked the best ones for you. If you are into watching game design sessions in your free time you are in for a treat.

Failing until you succeed – the story of Shadowrun Kickstarter campaign

One of the best lectures I’ve seen about Kickstarter funding. Full of good advice and example from Jan’s own experience. If you want to try Kickstarter for your game – don’t miss this one.

[youtube youtubeurl=”327q6ysQlA” ][/youtube]

Fixing the Funding Gap: Media Portfolio Financing for Gaming

Marc Jackson is the CEO of Seahorn Capital. In his casual connect lectures he talks about how traditional funding models are failing to answer the needs of the mobile game industry and why debt based financing can be a better fit. Marc starts his speech with sharing his own experience as a developer and effectively translates that experience into a discussion about today’s funding challenges.

[youtube youtubeurl=”rOMj_fH-L_g” ][/youtube]

Monetization 101 – Best practices from Come2Play’s experience

Come2Play is a social gaming company specializing in backgammon. They have an impressive 250K DAU and are monetizing much better than the average game. Erez Naveh is their VP R&D and in his talk he explain exactly how they do it with lots of examples and learnings from their own experience. If you are into optimizing the shit out of your ARPU – this is the one to watch.

[youtube youtubeurl=”oMrK6ycfwgY” ][/youtube]

Dissecting World of Tanks Monetization

Wouldn’t you like to know how world of tanks reached a conversion rate of 25% and ARPU of $8? Teut Weidemann job at Ubisoft is to understand such things and he is happy to share his learning with the audience. If you are in to numbers, this presentation has lots of them.

[youtube youtubeurl=”c7H40Qd_lis” ][/youtube]

Evil Game Design Challenge – turning minecraft into free 2 play

The Evil game design challenge was the most popular session at casual connect and the most watched on YouTube. The Amsterdam version features super game designers such as Ben Cousins, Teut Weidemann and Laralyn Mcwilliams in a challenge that is educating, controversial and quite a bit of fun under Scott Foe’s direction. While turning Minecraft into a free 2 play money machine the monetization super villains make evil laughs and wear customs to match their status. All in good spirit. A true must watch.

[youtube youtubeurl=”yMXBSri_Ttc” ][/youtube]

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