5 Tricks for Writing a Daily Blog

We recently changed our writing pace  in the SOOMLA Blog. Up until February 2014 we were writing one or two posts per week and we recently changed that to writing a post everyday. It’s a big commitment and it’s one of these things that you don’t want to miss even a single day since it can become a slippery slope back to once a week blogging. We had to find a few methods to keep the content flowing and I’m going to share some of these with you.Writing a daily post can be challenging but focusing on content channels and weekly routines can simplify it.

Focus on finding channels rather than topics

One of the things that make it easy to write more frequently is responding to events that are happening. The world around us supplies many ideas for blog posts and finding a feed of ideas can help writing more regularly. Here are some examples for channels that are driven by external events. I focused on the gaming industry but the same ideas can be applied elsewhere:
  • Every time a new game makes it to the top chart review it and post it
  • Funding rounds or acquisitions in the gaming industry are frequent events and responding to them with a personal angle can be a source of many posts
  • There are industry events almost every day, find someone who attended, ask him how it was and blog about it
  • Aggregate top tweets of the week posts by following different hashtags
Thinking about content as channels reduces the chances of you running out of ideas and makes the whole thing much easier to wrap your mind around.

Creating weekly routines

This is a pretty simple idea. Tie a certain type of post to a weekday. This helps writing more regularly and also gives your audience a reason to come back. We are doing game reviews every Saturday and company related announcements on Sundays. It means that we only have to worry about 5 days a week for new ideas.

Create a 30 day buffer

It’s one thing to write a post per day on average but a totally other thing to write every day. What if you are sick or traveling or just had a very busy day? Some days you can’t really write anything while in others you get on a roll and write 3 posts in one hour and then a 4th just to share the experience of writing 3 posts in 1 hour.

Break long articles into a mini series

Sometimes you write a really great 2,000 word article. If you want to have daily content, you can easily break it into 4-5 posts and do part 1, part 2, … It’s also a great way to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Reposting older articles in a different format such as slides can be a source of new content.

Repost older posts in a new format

Take a look at some of your older posts. Many of them can be easily turned into a 10 slide presentation. Re-format them, upload to Slideshare or Speakerdeck and post them as new posts. Some users respond better to visual content while others like written words better. Why not give them the option to enjoy your content in multiple formats?
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