Best Indie Game Dev Tweets of the Week

As in every week, we pick up the best tweets so you can catch up on the news from the last week.

Always wanted to understand what shaders are about?

@coutomms: Nice explanation about Shaders for #gamedev #indiegame

@willychyr: When writing shaders, half the time this is what my effect looks like. #gamedev

Shaders are a powerful tool but quite hard to master. pink box is often the output you get when making a coding mistake.

Can coding be gamified? Code combat tries just that

@ORPH4NUS: Check out The Fastest Growing Open Source Project @CodeCombat #gamedev #opensource

Want to increase engagement in your game?

Want to increase engagement in your game? Here is how the top 50 games do it. #gamedev

Increasing long term retention is a goal for many game developers. Planning mechanics can improve retention by engaging users.

Adding alternative android stores just got a lot easier

Amazon, Yandex, Samsung and any other android based store can now be used with SOOMLA framework.

Made with Unity Friday

@unity3d: 12 hours until #madewithunity Friday’s on! Can’t wait to see what’s everybody working on. #unity3d #indiedev

Tell us what you think about 2048 game

@tylerglaiel: 2048 is like when you ask for a gameboy for christmas and your grandma gets you one of those “1000 games in 1” things

Those robots will rule the world one day

@AsherVo: Guys @mwegner made robot that plays Threes and I am freaking out

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