Best Tweets of the Week #5


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Don’t be fooled when debugging your game

@italicpig: Just because it has no errors doesn’t mean it works. #gamedev

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Great books in the response to this tweet

@gamasutra: Game devs! What’s the best game dev book or educational resource you’ve ever used? We’ll feature answers on @gamasutra #gamedev (link to tweet)

Dave Biscgila twitter image

Awesome list of tools in this post

@tapdave: Want to get into the games industry? Start by making your first game today: cc @thetaplab #gamedev

co-founder of soomla tweets away about our latest game design review

Making an action game? learn from this game review

@gurdotan: Learn from others – complete game design review | @Soomla #mobilegames #indiedev

Indie prize profile icon - great competition for indie games

Indie showcase is coming to Asia

@inprize: OMG we got 20 new submissions today! It’s maybe because tomorrow is the deadline for game submissions for #CCAsia14 in Singapore! #gamedev
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Funny responses by coders

@ORPH4NUS: Top 20 Replies by Programmers When Their Programs Don’t Work #gamedev via @geeksaresexy @CodeCombat @AlgoBot

refael is the cto of soomla and loves everything about indie game dev

Want to meet the SOOMLA team? here is your chance!

@_refaelos: @SOOMLA is coming to @CasualConnect Asia ! Meet us there. #bestgameconference

Great interview

@byhandgiveaways: Dont miss this awesome interview of #indiedev @psypsoft #art #etsymnt #handmade #gamer #music on @damartkat



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