Best tweets of the week #6


Indie gamedev: creator of 30 games, 50 songs, 2 books,  #Unity3D #HTML5 #LD48 #1GAM

The golden ratio in art and design

@McFunkypants: #gamedev idea: instead of squares make the atomic unit in your next game fit the golden ratio. developer should skip square images and go for the golden ratio

I'm a trained car designer, but currently Art Director & CEO of No More Pie, a games company. Oh, and I have a real job teaching Games Art at (KUAS)

Seeking a job in the gaming industry? Here is a great resource

@eclat521: Brilliant explanation of every job in the entire games industry.. #gamedev

Cocos2d development tips and links. From the developer of Sketchshare and Super Turbo Action Pig. Day job over at

Free resource for gamedevs

@abitofcode: Game programming design patterns – Free online book via @danceyd #gamedev #patterns

co-founder of soomla tweets away about our latest game design review

Missed Casual Connect Amsterdam? Here are the top lectures

@gurdotan: 5 Must Watch Lecture Videos from Casual Connect Europe | @Soomla

Über Geek. #gamedev with #unity3d - senior front-end dev at . building large-scale websites, games and technology for 20+ years.

Apparently doors can explain almost anything in gaming

@gekido: Brilliant “@AnttiLax: This explains quite well the importance of game designers. T”he Door Problem”: #gamedev”

Product Lead at Grand Cru. Sporting a Ph.D. on game design research. Tweeting about games, game development, and creativity.

Great resource for game developers

@aquito: A collection of concrete examples for various game mechanics, algorithms, and effects. #gamedev

Entrepreneur, Business Accelerator and Leader  Currently:  CEO and Co-Founder @Soomla |  Inactive Founder @EyeViewDigitalDoes your game include random components?

@y_nizan: 3 Reasons to Add a Luck Element in Your Games via @soomla

3 ways to add luck in your game and improve engagement, retention and monetization

Selected news, features, and analysis from Gamasutra, a leading site dealing with the art and business of video games.

Japanese market snapshot from indie perspective

@gamasutra: Blog: A peek inside the shifting Japanese indie dev scene



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