Hadar Hod is a WriteBot

hadarbot_2We’re eager to welcome Hadar Hod onboard.

Hadar was raised in the Silicon Valley, home of the biggest and most innovative hi-tech companies in the world. That is where she first felt connected to her technological side.

Being a smart tech person AND a creative thinker, Hadar will do the community and technical writing for SOOMLA. When she’s not using her creative writing skills for one of SOOMLA’s projects, you’ll probably find Hadar baking, dancing or chatting with friends.

Soombot has decided to celebrate Hadar by trying to look like her and learning how to disco. We think he did a pretty nice job.

Welcome her!

our new employee is going to take SOOMLA docs to the next level with her top notch writing skills and strong technical background

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