How Long Does it Take To Write a Blog Post?

In a recent discussion I had with my good friend Bernard from Preview Labs, he wanted us to share some data about how long it takes each one of us to write blog posts. As SOOMLA is a community of mobile game developers and Preview Labs offers prototyping services for Unity developers, our blogs are focusing on the same markets and so it’s easy to use them as benchmarks.

How long does it take to write a good post?how long it takes to write a blog post and some tips how to write quick posts

My observation is that I’m spending about 30m – 60m in actual writing time for each Post. I usually do it on the plane, the train or some other dead time that I have. Specifically, this post was written partly in the airport and partly on the plane. When I’m saying “actual writing time” I’m excluding the time I take for research, coming up with images, editing for grammar, scheduling the post, optimizing for SEO and other things.

To give you some perspective, Gur’s posts took him 5-10 hours but they also run much deeper and were far more popular as a single post than any of my posts. The Single Page Web Application Architecture post was read by over 10,000 people by now and was featured in a number of places. Bernard’s posts also took longer than mine but his best posts also generated over 10K page views. Specifically the ones that addressed technical matters related to Unity3d game development.

How to write posts quickly?

I do recommend going for quality rather than quantity if you are just starting out. Trying to get one or two simple posts each week is a good practice. The easiest posts for me to write are posts where I already know what to say because I thought about it already and I have it already written in my mind. Sometimes, you can take a good email you sent someone and turn it into a post very quickly. My recent post – Going to a conference like a pro is actually an email I wrote and this post also started as an email thread. The other types of posts that are easy to get out are event related (news). For example, the flappy bird posts I did recently were very quick to get out. You see it, you call it.

What’s the best place to blog?

Once you get it going and you have a good system for blogging regularly, it’s easier to keep it flowing. I’m writing 100% of my posts on my iPad + keyboard so I can write from basically anywhere. I found that writing outdoors is more effective for me provided that the weather is sunny enough.

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  1. I think that’s the real killer though Yaniv. The “support” work that goes around the creation of a blog post. Most people can write a 300- 500 word blog post in 30-60 minutes on a topic they know a lot about but the “research, coming up with images, editing for grammar, scheduling the post, optimizing for SEO and other things”. These “things” can take up more time than writing the actual blog post itself! We published a survey recently that asked bloggers the same question and poll results are showing it takes most about 1-5 hours / post (on average). You can see the poll results here: . But I think your advice about focusing on quality first is important. So I would. I often find that there is a direct correlation between the energy invested into a post and it’s long term view count.


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