Indie Game Dev Tweets – The Best of The Week

3rd week in a raw we are collecting the best tweets on the hottest topics in the gamedev community. Hope this helps you keep up to date.

Launched a free 2 play game and want to monetize better?

@gurdotan: 3 Quick Ways to Add Consumables in Your Game | @Soomla #indiedev #gamedev

Great resources – programming books

@marmaladeapps: Check out this fantastic list of free programming books on Github #gamedev #appdev

Making games is more fun than playing!

@jatosha: Have kids that love video games? Encourage them to design their own 🙂 & are great! #gamedev

Tech resources from Unity

@msdev: #GameDev @mcummings details how to create idle states for your walking character in @Unity3d:

Free gaming console anyone?

@unity3d: Help our friends @M2Research map how #gamedev is evolving! Fill in the survey& you can win a PS4 or XBox One #unity3d

Nice idea if enough people will join

@ElbowRoomApps: Would you use a social network for developers? #indiedev #developer #html5 #js If yes would you help make it? #IDRTG @seven11nash

Indie developers have to fill out so many forms these days

@danthat: “All the Boring Bits of Paperwork you have to do as an Indie Developer” pls RT if you like it #GameDev #IndieDev

Game engine comparison

@codepaladin: Why I chose @CoronaLabs over Sprite Kit, Unity or Cocos2d-x. #indiedev #gamedev

Some inspiration from our CTO, Refael

@_refaelos: Courageous people create new products. Extraordinary people are bold enough to adapt to changes. @Soomla #startup #learntochange

Blogging is a great way to validate your ideas in a lean way

@Soomla: Lean Startup – The Leanest Way to Get Out There

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