Matan Kulikobsky is now a CodeBot

Matan is a web application developer specializing in anything ending with jsWe’re proud to welcome Matan Kulikobsky.

Matan will create the future amazing web applications of SOOMLA. When he won’t be scripting SOOMLA’s web apps you’ll probably find him roaming the streets of Tel-Aviv and trying to figure out the English spelling of his last name.

Matan is a top notch, high end student with incredible learning skills. He is a human index for TV series and indie music.  In his free time Matan also enjoys screen printing, running and travelling.

Soombot has decided to celebrate Matan by dressing like Ferris Bueller, Matan’s lovable high school senior who always tries to take it easy.

Welcome him !

When not writing java script code Matan also likes to travel

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