Setting up a new Mac for full stack development

Hi Everyone, I’m Matan, the newest addition to the team. For my first week at Soomla, I’ll be sharing the stages a new member goes through to install the full stack for our product.

I’ll be using OSX so the instructions are written accordingly.

Go through these stages to install the full stack

Step 1: XCode installation

Using The OSX App Store, Install The Latest Version Of XCode, And Run It For The First Time

1.1: Command Line Tools

Next, Paste The Following Code In A New Terminal Window

xcode-select --install 

screenshot of xcode installation. Setting up the developer tools is a critical step for any new employee

Step 2: Homebrew setup

Paste The Following Code In a Terminal Window

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL

  • Update via the brew update Command
  • Verify Successful Installation via The brew doctor Command

Now we’ll be installing various programs using brew, for each program enter the following command brew install X, replacing each time.
You can easily verify installation by running X --version after, where X is the installed name

The programs we’ll install using brew (click for further info):

Using homebrew to install git, openssl, node, redis and mongodb.

Step 3: Getting RVM up and running

In A New Terminal Window, Enter \curl -sSL | bash -s stable. It’s important not to install RVM under sudo.

  • Verify with rvm --version

Step 4: Downloading JDK 1.6

Download And Install JDK 1.6 For OSX Here

Step 5: Installing the Android SDK

5.1: SDK

Enter brew install android-sdk Into Terminal

  • Run The android Command From Terminal And Follow Instructions To Continue Installing

Installing android SDK from the terminalw

5.2: NDK

Enter brew install android-ndk Into Terminal To Install

Step 6: Setting up your IDEs

These are the IDEs we work with at Soomla

6.1: Intelli-J Community Edition

Download And Install Here

6.2: Android Studio

Download And Install Here

6.3: RubyMine

Download And Install Here

Step 7: Additional utilities you will need

7.1: robomongo Robomongo

MongoDB Management

Download And Install Here

7.2: skitch  Skitch

Image Annotation

Download And Install Here

7.3: mou-icon-20111010  MOU

Markdown Editor

Download And Install Here

Step 8: Online Services Sign-Up

Every team member should be signed up to these services


Now you should be up and running, the Soomla way

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