Announcing SOOMLA Highway – A Server for Your Store

SOOMLA Highway allows mobile game developers to manage their in-game economies and sync balances with a cloud serviceAt SOOMLA we like listening to our users but what we like even more is giving them what they asked for. Today, we are very excited to offer a new way to enjoy our backend – the SOOMLA Highway.

Who is the SOOMLA Highway for?

The new mode is intended for developers who are already using SOOMLA open source framework in their games and would look to gain better control of their economies.

What does it offer?

The SOOMLA Highway allows syncing your user balances to the cloud and to remotely control your in-game economy. More specifically, you would be able to:
  • Change prices and item names
  • Remove and add items
  • Track user balances
  • Give users coins or virtual goods

How much does the new product cost?

Like all our products the Highway is offered for free

How do I get started?

If you are already using the SOOMLA framework, it means that you already did 95% of the integration work. You will have to configure your economy in the dashboard and then download the package from the dashboard and switch the package you already have in your game. There are also a few lines of code to add to initialize it correctly. If you are not using SOOMLA framework – you should check it out. It’s a great way to add in-app purchasing, it’s open sourced and it’s free.

What if I’m already using the store-front?

If you have been using SOOMLA storefronts nothing should change for you except that we changed the names of a few things in the dashboard. For example, “storefront” is now called “release”. You can always check the new mode if you are not happy with the templates and want more flexibility in the design.
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  1. The storefront tools seem great on first glance! Hopefully it holds up through the rest of the process. Thanks for this 🙂

  2. Question about step 2 of Unity integration (and a little clarification requested in the docs): “custom secret” and “SoomSec” are not exactly laid out in detail. Where do these keys come from? Is it something I just make up (the screenshot seems to suggest this)? Or do I need to get that from Apple or some other certificate signing agency or what? The tutorial seems to assume I know these things.
    Second question: the text of the tutorial mentions a “Master Key”, but there is no field for this to be put into. Is this one of the above keys, and if so, which?

    tl;dr: I have one key, and two keyholes, neither of which particularly looks like the key I have.

    • Both Soomsec and Custom Secret should be selected by you. 
      Master key can be retrieved from the dashboard. Simply go to – Dashboard –> My Games –> The ‘key’ icon on your selected release


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