Badaboom review – rhythm based scroller

Rhythm game with cool art style that can do better with some fine tunningBadaboom is a rhythm game that can do better with some fine tuning. It’s available for Android and can be downloaded here.

Remember combos and tap to the rhythm

Badaboom is a rhythm game where users tap the screen in rhythm and try to follow patterns to control their characterAt the core of this title, you will find 2d side scrolling action gameplay. The big headed caveman is moving to the side of the screen, cutting trees and fighting dinos. In order to do any of these users have to tap the screen according to the rhythm and following specific patterns. Tapping left, right, left, right will make the caveman move and other combos will make it attack animals and even unleash magic. The one thing that can really improve this game is to increase the intensity of the interaction when the caveman engages in battle. This can be done in two ways:
  • After the combo is tapped and the caveman reacts, give users a way to queue up more combos rather than wait for the interaction to finish.
  • While the character responds to the combo, give users a way to enhance the impact by adding simple actions of tapping on the target. Instead of moving only a fixed number of pixels, give the user an option to tap where he wants the caveman to go. After unleashing a lightening attack, give users ability to control the lightening strikes with a slicing finger movement.

Game progression and achievement

9 levels are not enough, successful level based games have more than 100 levels allowing users to play the game for longer periods of timeThe game is using levels to give users a sense of progress. There are a total of 9 levels and each one features different challenges. Every level has both a score and stars at the end of levels. This sounds like an ok setup but there is actually lots of room for improvement:
  • Add more worlds – 9 levels is simply not enough when the first 5 are basically a tutorial
  • Give users a way to see their records shown when they are coming to play the level again and celebrate new high scores.
  • Provide an indication of score while the level is played

Game Economy and in-app purchases

Single use items such as potions in badaboom allow users to engage users with the store by requiring them to enter the store frequentlyThe game features a diverse economy including:
  • Single use items – 2 types of potion: magic now and life
  • Upgrades – each magic type can be upgraded for more impact
  • Equipment – items the caveman can wear or carry
This setup has two advantages:
  • The single use items allow users to quickly engage with the economy and are priced low enough for users to buy them after 1-2 sessions
  • The Upgrades allow users to evolve the game and keep the interest level up while selling equipment allow users to get invested in the game and can increase long term retention
However, there are a few basic principals the game fails to follow:
  • Store button placement – there is no way to access the store from within the game, the pause menu or the level screens so the user can’t regularly enter it
  • The value of the items is not clear to the user, descriptions are vague instead of explaining how much damage the fire magic will do
  • The cost of the upgrades remains 300 bones in all upgrade levels so once users reaches a certain level they can easily buy all the levels and left with nothing more to buy.
  • The equipment items seem to have no impact on game play
  • There is no screen in the store selling currency packs (bones packs in this game) so users can only buy more coins when they run out and the screen showing them is not very clear on what’s the price or how much you will get.
 By fixing this issues, the game can become much more engaging for users and more effective in monetization.
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