Best Tweets of the Week #7

Selected news, features, and analysis from Gamasutra, a leading site dealing with the art and business of video games.

Had a really strange bug?

@gamasutra: Game devs! What’s the weirdest bug you’ve ever encountered? Let us know and we’ll feature answers on @gamasutra #gamedev. [Link to tweet]

Brit in California, helping w/the Game Developers Conferences, Gamasutra, Black Hat, the Independent Games Festival; also Video Game Storybundle curator.

And here are the answers

@simoncarless: Some awesome answers (including an EA/toilet flush mishap!) to @Gamasutra’s ‘What’s your weirdest game bug?’ quiz:

Entrepreneur, Business Accelerator and Leader  Currently:  CEO and Co-Founder @Soomla |  Inactive Founder @EyeViewDigital

Need some help with monetizing your game or some advice about fundraising?

@y_nizan: Game Design and Startup Advice via @soomla

Game design advice, monetization tips and fundraising intros. Free help by SOOMLA's CEO, Yaniv Nizan

I quit my job to make video games. I play yo-yo all the time. Licorice is my anti-food. I'm literally the world's greatest role model. I like you.

Free resource for gamedevs

@maxticket: ET Game Jam, where you have six weeks (the time it took to produce the Atari game) to make a better ET game. Good or bad idea? #gamedev

co-founder of soomla tweets away about our latest game design review

Missed Casual Connect Amsterdam? Here are the top lectures

@gurdotan: Why Use MVC in Your Next Game | @Soomla

Programmer at Coffee Stain Studios. Danish. Nerd. Loves games. Strive to learn, don't fear failure and do what you love!

Looking for some more game development tools?

@Liinelol: Really helpful info for newly started gamedevs #gamedev
RT @gamasutra: The poor game developer’s toolkit : the mobile games industry website with the mostest

Great resource for game developers

@pgbiz: Nice article covering the same areas as Moneti$er in terms of the IAP economy in F2P mobile games

Retro Video Games documentary.Lost & unseen archive footage filmed 1989 to 1998 Producer @Jonathan Beales …

The history of video gaming – Kickstarter project

@FizzMovie: How video gaming evolved,documentary,with unseen film. #gamersunite #playstation #sega  #retrogaming #indieDev #retro

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