Best Tweets of The Week #8

Producer @GameOvenStudios, working on Bounden. Writes @GamerNL. Loves games, obviously.

Nice vine showing the challenge in Android

@ElineMuijres: Why developing for Android is challenging. #gamedev

Make great games with Unreal Engine technology! Meet us at  every Thursday at 2pm ET.

Preview of Unreal Engine 4 anyone?

@UnrealEngine: Would you like to see the Unreal Engine 4 roadmap? Check it out! #unrealdev #gamedev

A proud co-founder of SOOMLA and one of the creators of The SOOMLA open-source framework. Would love to talk to you about it and anything else :)

Want to meet the SOOMLA team?

@_refaelos: @Soomla is coming to @CasualConnect Singapore:

Microsoft Developer is your resource for development tips, tricks, research, case studies...Everything you need to develop apps that users love.

What’s the best time to start marketing your game?

@msdev: Advice for moonlight devs: “Marketing starts with the first line of code.” #indiedev #gamedev

co-founder of soomla tweets away about our latest game design review

Progressive level design – don’t let users get stuck

@gurdotan: Level design done right! Difficulty curve lessons | @Soomla

All the latest video game Alpha and Beta tests, with new additions every day, AAA & Indie. Visit us at  #alpha #beta #test

New game in beta – crusade for online morality

@gameralphabeta: SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS Beta
Take on the Internet Trolls! Fun Game by #gamedev @Nonadecimal

#gameanalytics for Game Developers - Get  key insights at

Analytics SDK for Unity

@GameAnalytics: Most Popular Analytics SDK for @unity3d  just got better. Check it out:

Indie game developers of「Jump 50」, newly available on the App Store. #jump50

Make your reviews count in the appstore

@ijakeChain: Tips for #indiedev: If you ask friends or other indies to review ur app, DO ask them keep ur app for 2days, or Apple will ignore it #jump50

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