SOOMLA Highway – FAQ

Last week we re-launched our dashboard with a new option – the SOOMLA Highway. We limited the access to this option to games that are already live with the SOOMLA framework which raised quite a few questions so we would like to address them here:

Why is the Highway only available for games who use the framework

A: The new service is an extension to the SOOMLA framework – it allows controlling certain aspects of the game economy remotely but it can only be used if your game is already built with the framework inside.

Why do you require games to be live to use the Highway

A: The main feature of the Highway is that it allows controlling the game economy remotely. This is valuable only for live games.

Ok, but why not let people play around with it?

A: As the new product is still evolving we need to learn how it’s being used by live games so we can improve the value it brings. In the future we might remove the limitations.

What if I want to test the service before going live

A: If you are going live soon and have already implemented the framework, you can ask us for an access code through the same form.

I just started a game and want to use the Highway when it goes live

A: GREAT,the first step is implementing your game economy based on the SOOMLA framework.


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