SOOMLA Hits 20M Installs and a #1 Top Chart Position

SOOMLA has a number of reasons to celebrate these days. The framework that started as a small open source project is quickly becoming the standard for virtual economies in mobile games and the best way to implement in-app purchasing.

SOOMLA’s install base grows rapidly

SOOMLA reached 20M installs as of May 2014 and growing at rapid ratesOne of the best things about doing a really great piece of software is that it grows without having to market it. This sounded like a nice theory when we started but as time passed, we can honestly say that this statement is true. At least for SOOMLA. As of today, games using SOOMLA have been installed more than 20,000,000 times and we are expecting this number will reach 100M by the end of the year based on current growth rates. As our open source matured, we have seen more and more contributions and bigger studios starting to use it and since the beginning of 2014 things really started exploding as some of the games using SOOMLA caught fire.

Getting into the top charts

The game make it rain reaches the #1 position in the top free charts and makes us super excited to see a game with SOOMLA inside doing so well
The other piece of awesome news we are sharing today is that for the first time since we created SOOMLA, we have a game in the #1 spot in the top charts. It was really great to see all the games you created using the framework and it makes us really proud to see them succeed. The game “Make It Rain – The Love of Money” that was created by Space Inch and programmed by Plunge Interactive using Cocos2d-x and SOOMLA was able to climb all the way to the top and make us super proud.

Help us help you

In the next few months we are going to invest a lot more effort into extending the framework. We are adding more modules, more plugins and more integrations with 3rd parties. Everything of course will be open sourced, free and totally awesome. For many of the contributors, the main reason for doing this, is the satisfaction that SOOMLA helps other developers. There are already 27,558,583 installs of the framework. If you game is using SOOMLA, tweet the link to @soomla and we will add it to the count.


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